Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the over-all purpose of this website?

The PCEP website aims to support the development of a strategic climate education plan for the U.S. affiliated Pacific Island region. The partnership developing and implementing this plan includes people and organizations with many different kinds of knowledge and skills. The PCEP website is designed to enable all of us to have the same background information about the region, climate, education and each other. The website also includes tools to promote communication and sharing to help us extend/build the partnership and develop/implement climate education in and for the USAPI.

What is this Decision Support Platform (DSP) that I see referenced on some pages?

WestEd’s Decision Support Platform (DSP) is the web-based tool that enables all the interactive features of this website. It was developed to enable a wide range of education communities to share the same tools and, as appropriate, the same education resources.

Some of the topics have no resources or key ideas associated with them. Why is that?

The first public draft of this website appeared in May 2011. PCEP staff members are now continuously adding new Resources, especially for topics that are lacking them. We also rely on you to add high quality Resources and/or information about yourself and organization. Check back periodically to find new Resources. We will also send very occasional emails to notify members when significant new content has been added to the website.

How can I get more help with using this website or give you feedback or suggestions about its use?

Click on the "Help and Support" tab on the upper right side of each web page. We will respond to your question or comment. This FAQ page will grow as we have more experience with and feedback from a wide range of people using the website.

Submit a comment, question, or problem to the DSP Support Team.