Key Idea Recommendation 5: Use quizzing to promote learning.
The process of taking a quiz or test can directly promote learning in the context of classroom instruction and reduce the rate at which information is forgotten. In Recommendation 5, the expert panel recommends two ways of using quizzing to help students learn: (a) using “pre-questions” to activate prior knowledge and focus students’ attention on the material that will be presented in class; and (b) using quizzes to re-expose students to key course content. Recommendation 6 includes a third way to use quizzing to help students make decisions about allocating study time.
Recommendation 5a: Use pre-questions to introduce a new topic.
We recommend that teachers use pre-questions as a way to introduce a new topic. Pre-questions (or pre-tests) help students identify what material they do not yet know, and hence need to study. In addition, responding to pre-questions automatically activates any relevant
prior knowledge in the student’s mind. These processes contribute to improved student learning.


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