Key Idea This Key Idea has an illustration and text explaining how climate change can impact communities in Micronesia. Click "View Source" on the right to see the illustration and read the detailed description. Impacts of climate change in Micronesia include:

Sea level rise can cause stronger storm surges, flooding, saltwater inundation and intrusion, and coastal erosion. These can cause loss of and damage to crops, homes, and coastal infrastructure. These impacts lead to health hazards, loss of food and livelihoods, decreased land for living, and problems with community services.

Increased sea surface temperature of the ocean and increased acidity of the ocean can make corals weak or die. Damage to coral reefs result in loss of habitat and nursery ground for fish and marine life, and loss of coastal protection. These impacts cause loss of food and/or income for community members who are dependent on fisheries and/or coral reef tourism, and a loss of coastal areas where homes and farms may be located. These impacts lead to nutrition problems, loss of livelihoods, and decrease of land for living.

Increased air temperatures can cause increased stress on plants, crops, and people which can cause a loss of food or a health hazard.

Changes in weather patterns can cause droughts if less rain or flooding/landslides if more rain. These changes can cause damage and loss of crops, homes, and infrastructure. Related impacts include health problems from water- and vector-borne diseases, and loss of food for community members.

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